Various Artists - Peter Ivan Edwards: ionobia (2019)
WEB FLAC (tracks) - 227 MB | Tracks: 6 | 60:50 min
Style: Classical | Label: NEOS Music

Peter Ivan Edwards was born in New York, studied in the USA and Germany, and is now a professor of composition in Singapore. Extramusical influences can often be found in his work, such as computer-supported processes, algorithmic processes, or a linguistic model as in ionobia.

Edwards also teaches computer music, though the computer itself is only used once on this CD: in "Ssoonro" for bassoon and electronics. Otherwise, this CD focuses on a variety of instrumentations. The number and quality of the interpreters is evidence of both the fact that Edward's music is performed internationally and of the surprisingly diverse and colorful scene in Singapore. Performers include: Trio SurPlus; Ensemble Interface; Ensemble Wu Xian; Yong Siew Toh Conservatory Orchestra; Jason Lai - conductor; Matteo Cesari - flute; Pieter Jansen - violin; Christoph Wichert - bassoon.
01. ionobia
02. Fleepercellimano
03. Brastri per Celindano
04. Ascent (Two Perspectives)
05. Ssoonro
06. Re